When is it safe to start building a new app

Good day everyone,

I’m Gilly, I am interested in creating a new app, that’s why i joined bubble, but I would like to know if it is safe to start building my app on bubble before I apply for a patent for that app, or should I apply for the patent first?

There´s no final way to answer your question but here´s some things for you to consider:

-nothing is ever certain and completely safe when it comes to information on the internet
-applying for a patent costs thousands of dollars and may take years to complete depending on the complexity of your patent and your country
-not every app or process can be patented. Consult with a patent lawyer

If I were you I would:
-Really consult with a lawyer to find out if your application can be patented at all and realistic time frames and cost estimates
-start building your app little by little to prove your concepts and to really find out if what you are thinking of can indeed be built at all

One of the worst things that could happen to you is waiting years and years for a patent and then to have the opportunity long gone. Or worse, find out that you didn´t need a patent at all. For example if you want to build a CRM, you don´t need a patent. If you want to build a project management app, you don´t need a patent.

That´s my two cents. Again, I´m not qualified to give advice on this matter so consult with an expert.

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Thanks a lot AlonsoC, this was actually very helpful.