When printing page, Footer and Header Stays

Hi I’m sorta new to bubble. I’m stuck on a part where I print a page and when going to a second page the footer stays on page 1 and 2 without over lapping the first page’s element… any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

Can you share a screen shot, what did you mean by overlapping?

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thank you so much for replying geesonofgee… like this when I print, the first to third screenshot is the page’s footer overlaps the repeating group’s value

and weirdly when I put a floating group on the last screenshot it doesn’t align anymore… is there something I missed?

Yeah, you should give the RG a bottom margin that’s 10px more than the height of the Floating group. if it doesn’t work, I can give you a free 15min call to rectify it, or you can send a link now am kinda free

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Hello geesonofgee sorry for my late reply, I already added 10px on the floating group, turns out it still giving me problem because the value of the RG splits in the middle when printing. I appreciate that you offered me time but unfortunately I can’t right now due to circumstances. Thank you so much for your help!~

No problem, maybe you should do the screen recording and let’s see what’s happening from your end, am not getting the full gist, kindly send a short video demonstrating the issue, that will be better