When they login using facebook Fetch Users Facebook Groups?


is it possible when user logged in using their facebook account it will also fetch their facebook groups even their not an admin on that group? the goal is to be able to share an RG depends on their choice facebook group

or something that user can input their fb group name without the need of choosing a dropdown “Share in Group” on addToShare link




up for this

Since no one has picked this up, let me throw a (almost) useless 2 cents in there. The Facebook API built by Bubble will certainly not work. The Facebook Complete looks like it will.

From looking at the API page, it looks like you will only need to make dynamic data call like:

Current User's Facebook's Get Groups


it seem’s not


Indeed. I also tried actions, data sources, workflow items, and no luck. I do see the call in the plugin, though:

Maybe fork the plug-in and see if you can get it to work? Or reach out to the dev of that plug-in?


hi sir, can you help us out here? if its possible