When to pay out vendors in a market place?

One of the apps I’m working on relates to physical “pop up” markets - kind of like you get to raise funds locally for something. It enables people to buy items online prior to the event and then go along and pick it up in person from whatever market stall they bought it off online. This helps that market stall with stock numbers and increases the buying window of their items (in theory!). So if, for instance, if someone buys GiftBox A for £10 from Stallholder1, they’ll pay £10.50 for that as soon as they buy it on my app. I use Stripe and the user is billed the £10.50 by card online at the time of purchase. My questions are;

  1. When should I pay the stall holder their £10 from the £10.50 the user pays? What is the “norm”?
    Should I pay them the instant the item is collected from their stall or should I set up a payment run to pay out all users once a week/month? For a Christmas market that sets up in early November (IKR!), it might be better not to be processing a small transaction every few minutes but rather lots of transactions in one hit every couple of weeks. I’m guessing this is more of a Stripe thing and will effect how much running a Stripe Account costs me. I’d really welcome any thoughts on this.
  2. How do I accommodate a scenario where a pop up market is in a rural location where there’s no wifi or even phone signal. I’m thinking I might have to generate a code for that transaction that the stall holder has to take away with them (and/or have emailed to them) that they’ll have to enter into some kind of “seller dashboard” portion of the app to enable them to release the items bought to the individual there and then and that will push the payment along to the next payment run (if that’s the best payment option)

As ever, I appreciate the intelligent suggestions that will this forum generates. Feel free to simply point me to a doc/YouTube if this is covered elsewhere.

All the best


If you use Stripe Connect on the standard plan the cost will be the fees for the customer transaction, not the payout to the connected accounts. If you are on the Express plan then you will have fees for the payout as well.
It also depend on the charge type you are using.