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Marketplace & credit system: Unique payment flow

I’m currently using @ZeroqodeSupport Marketplace Express plugin and I wanted to run this workflow by the forum to see if there’s another solution. @keith, We discussed this PR platform on another thread, so you’re insight here is valuable.

My platform will run on a credit system.

User buys credit and then uses that credit to buy from multiple sellers.

Here’s the workflow so far:

  1. User buys credit. This transaction is made and completed using the plugin.
  2. This transaction is paid directly to the platform.
  3. User creates a submission
  4. User selects multiple sellers (the sellers define their cost/credit when making a sellers account).
  5. Our team reviews and then approves their submission (this process can take 1-3 days).
  6. User can then send their submission to the sellers.
  7. On their dashboard, user clicks on SEND
  8. An API backend workflow kicks in to make this transaction/pay happen for all the sellers the user selected.

Currently, when the user clicks SEND — I have a company card on file to pay all the sellers. While this concept works, I don’t want to run the risk of my company card being blocked due to the amount of transactions (in terms of scaling).

For step #8, I’m trying to solve a way for a user to buy credits (which needs to be processed as soon as they buy it) and then use that credit to pay the sellers once confirmed…without using my company card.

I’m very new to how credit systems work, and wanted to get everyone’s thoughts if I’m doing this right using @ZeroqodeSupport’s plugin.


I don’t understand why you wouldn’t use Stripe’s payout features to pay the sellers? (I don’t get the credit card thing.)


@keith great to hear from you.

I don’t get that card thing either lol but it works with this scenario:

The user can buy credits at anytime. Therefore, I would need that transaction to happen. Correct?

At any moment, the user can spend those credits which will then eventually pay the sellers.

This could take days, weeks, or even months, depending on the users activity with our platform.

I guess I’m trying to solve that middle period: when the credits (and transaction is made to our platform) is just sitting in the users account.

The payout features to sellers would be ideal, but that middle period between credits bought and payout isn’t predictable.

Any ideas on how this can happen without using a card on file?

You could create a connected account that you own, plus get sellers to connect their accounts. Transfer the ‘app fees’ that you know are yours at the time you earn them to your connected account which pays out to your bank account. And then leave your app’s stripe account on manual payout only so the ‘credits’ just sit there ready to transfer out to the appropriate seller at the appropriate time.

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Yeah :point_up:this, basically.

Thanks, @equibodyapp — I’m currently using my Stripe app for subscription payments and payout is set for Automatic. In order for this process to work, I’ll need to create a new Stripe account and set it to Manual payouts correct?

When the credits are just sitting there in my Stripe balance, how do I trigger the transfer to the appropriate seller?

This credit system is a bit confusing, but I’m slowly getting it haha

Btw I’m currently using @ZeroqodeTeam Marketplace Express plugin.

Perhaps @ZeroqodeSupport can chime in with some ideas here as well.

I don’t know if the plug-in you’re using can do it… so if not just set up your own call with the API connector…

But all you need to do is create a transfer to the connected account you want to transfer funds to.

They have a create a transfer action, but struggling to get it to work.

Looks pretty simple to me…

I agree. Not sure why this isn’t working…

Just bear in mind that you can’t transfer funds across international borders (with some exceptions, as explained here), so maybe that’s the issue?..

When you say it’s not working, what exactly do you mean? (is there an error message, or what?)

No - just change the payouts to be manual in your current account. Create a new account that you will attach as a connected account to your current account. Set this one to be automatic as this is the one you’ll transfer apps fees to.

I think fundamentally you just need to do a bit more deep diving in to how Stripe itself works and the functionality. There’s a few stripe courses - @boston85719 has a great one. He can also help you 1:1

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@equibodyapp @adamhholmes @keith

Thanks for the guidance here, I was able to solve it after hours and hours of trial and error. Opened up a new Stripe account that’s going to be dedicated to this credit system process. Off to the races here, it was the final piece to the puzzle. I’ll definitely send a link to the platform when the big update goes live :slight_smile:

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