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When will non-fixed layouts be implemented?

@emmanuel, I really like bubble and want to start using it for projects, but have decided to put it on hold until some type of responsive or fluid layout is released.

Is there a rough timeline on when this will be expected or should I look for other platforms to build on instead?

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It’s a matter of weeks (in fact, i’m hoping we can push a beta version for users to experiment today or tomorrow!)


How did you answer that so fast!?!!? :slight_smile: Thanks for the update. Feeling excited!


I’d love to test a beta version

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Good job Bubble. Looking forward to testing it out.

@emmanuel, This will be amazing! Can’t wait… Today please :slight_smile:

I’ve been holding off on app ideas until we have responsive capabilities in Bubble. Freaking good news!

Yes! Been waiting for this for a long while!!

See this Responsive layout (beta)