When will we see improved responsiveness & custom dropdowns?


I’m loving Bubble so far, but one major pain point is making my Bubble applications responsive.

I’ve used builders such as Webflow and Macaw, and responsiveness on those is really easy. I can see my layout at different screen sizes and change the way elements are viewed for those device sizes, but with Bubble, this feels really difficult. Almost everything on my site is broken and when I make changes for tablet or mobile, it affects every other size.

Also, another pain point is creating a great UI with default dropdown elements. I’d love to be able to give dropdowns custom styles (like with Webflow).

With those two above, Bubble would be far more flexible and would have much more value to myself and many others, I believe.

Is there any work being done on these or am I too hopeful?

Appreciate everything you guys are doing and hope to see some of these changes in the near future.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what issues you’re having with responsive, there are countless examples from the community of perfectly responsive applications. What specifically are you having issues with?


Echoing @andrewgassen, perfect responsive design is really easy to accomplish. Take a little more time to understand the responsive editor. Maybe create a test page and try some stuff out. Make sure you’re grouping things properly. A lot of non-responsive Bubble apps I see have text and shape elements just thrown on the page.

In terms of dropdown elements, I’m not exactly sure what you mean here. Could you provide an example?

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Thanks for the replies @andrewgassen @dbevan - I’m not sure if I’ve seen any fully responsive Bubble applications yet – even those advertised as ‘responsive’ aren’t fully responsive (I’m a UX/UI designer by trade, so very fussy with this).

Do you have any examples of fully responsive Bubble applications I could take a look at?

RE dropdown elements: @dbevan I’m referring to Input Elements > Dropdown Form. Currently Dropdown forms use the default browser styling. You can add some customisation in Bubble, but quite a few browsers override this unfortunately.

https://24hourdevs.com. I build all my sites to be 100% responsive.

You could always get super creative and create your own dropdown menu using groups and text and repeating groups even. You’re right though, the generic dropdown input is just that.

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Thanks for the link, your site’s responsiveness is great! Do you know of any resources/tutorials which would help me with responsiveness?

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Have you watched the tutorial video in the responsive editor itself? I think it’s like 30 minutes and is a really great overview.

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Cheers, I’ll actually be creating some soonish, but for now, if you need any help, feel free to message me. I know a couple tricks to make responsive design second nature.

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Drop-down isn’t responsive in the new engine. How can I make it responsive.

For dropdown customization, you can use this plugin
I made this plugin as I had the same pain point