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[SOLVED] Creating a responsive dropdown box

Hello good people,

So I am very new to website building and discovered bubble and thought it was the perfect place to build a website for someone who doesn’t know code.

I am trying to build a fantasy football (soccer) site. And currently I am trying to make a responsive dropdown box so that when you click one of the options in the dropdown box it causes a change of information on the page.

My mind is currently being blown away by creating new fields and data types and I cannot find a place to explain what to do with these. I’m sure I’m just being stupid but if I could figure these out, it might help with my dropdown problem.

I have many more questions but thought I’d try this first and see if anyone could help without it being a pain.

If anyone could explain how to do this or tell me where I can find an answer to my question, I’d be very appreciative.

This link should help.

But if you’re new to bubble the best way to build your app is to spend a week or even two (I spent three months building an app I ended up deleting; accidentally) learning how to use bubble and building a prototype.

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