Where are the Data API logs?


I am planning to make fairly extensive use of the Bubble Data API in order to utilize the Bubble database in another application. I have created various Bubble users that I plan to use as API users, and have successfully executed multiple API calls and got results back. I know that the Data API is working. However, when I looked at the “Server Logs” tab, I see no mention of my Data API requests.

How can I find the Data API logs? It’s crucial that I can track what API calls were made to what Data API endpoints for company auditing and security requirements.


Under the usual server logs, click “Show advanced” then check the boxes for “HTTP request” and “HTTP response”

I have selected every option (and only HTTP request and response) and I don’t see any of the logs for any Data API requests that I’ve been making over the last 4 hours, despite setting the from date to “24 hours ago”.

I am starting to wonder if Bubble just doesn’t expose these logs.

I don’t think they do have a log for the Data API.

I asked Bubble Support about this and was told that they do have an internal Data API log (in the case of requiring the data for a security breach audit, for example), but they do not currently expose the Data API log to Bubble customers.

I have created an idea (i.e. feature request) on the Ideaboard to request this feature, and you can upvote the idea if you think that you’d also like this functionality. https://bubble.io/ideaboard?idea=1686667244555x814188746697080800