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Where are the emails stocked?

I created a site where I ask users for their emails (no sign up required, I just take their emails) but I was wondering where I could find the emails that the users submit to me ?

What does your workflow look like where you save their emails? Check out your Data Tab > App Data.

Here is a screen from what it looks like

When you create a new “Email”, are you also saving the “User’s Email” field? You should include “User’s Email = input value”, where the input is on the page for the user to enter.

Thanks for the help but I can’t make it work. Here is a screenshot of what it tells me

When i select input’s value it still wants me to add things after it, and I have an error message telling me that the value of the input is a text and that it should be an email.

Change the type of the input element. It’s set to a text input, change it to email. It’s in the property editor of the input element in Design.

It is already set on email if we’re talking about this

Oh this is what needs to happen:

Input type needs to be text and the field type needs to be text as well: data types > user email > delete current email field > add new email field that is type text.

Sorry, I just noticed that the actual field was expecting a different type, you just want it to be text.

Thanks very much it works now !

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