Where did I miss?

HI I’m building an app for daycare and kindergarten , and I want the school to create a student from their side " students are not a user " , and I want student to show only on their school , but it keeps show all students on every school , where did I miss ? note : student is not a user , school is a user



What is the datasource for the RG?

Also, I don’t understand what the datasouce of your Group Cell is? Maybe share your current database set up and your RG settings etc…

sorry I upload the image before I don’t know why it didn’t show up


Have a field in ‘SchoolStudents’ named ‘school’, type ‘school’. Make sure when a student is created, this school field is filled with the correct school.

Add privacy rule for ‘SchoolStudents’ that says ‘Current User’s school is SchoolStudents school’. This means that only SchoolStudents who are part of the Current User’s school will display in search results. This will protect your user’s data.

you mean the information that I need from school should be in " School " type and not on " User " type ?

You are searching for school students. The issue you are having is that every school student from every school is displaying.

To fix this, add a field ‘school’ to the school student. Then, add a privacy rule ‘When Current User’s school is SchoolStuednt’s school’ everything is visible. This means that the user can only find students if they’re part of the user’s school.

look your solution is wonderful , but I think my database structure is very very very very very missy , can I send you a screenshot to help me fix it , I’ll really appreciate that
and when I become rich I’ll pay you back :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You should take a course like Buildcamp or Bubble Bootcamp. It will help you in the long run - you must be willing to put in the effort to learn.

I take course "Gregory John " but he didn’t talk that much about database + I swear I stuck 3 days here , just take a look DM I’ll really appreciate that

6:47 How to structure your Bubble.io database - YouTube

ok wonderful thank you , just one more question , how can I link school with SchoolStudent

I do it like this and still nothing show up
new student

I posted my resource 15 minutes ago and you already replied, as it’s a 25 minute video I’m guessing you haven’t watched all the way through.

I saw your profile and you’ve asked lots of questions that should be relatively simple to answer. You will find it a lot easier if you actually spend the time learning and understanding Bubble rather than asking for the answer the whole time. I’m by no means an expert myself but I still try my hardest to find solutions myself and take on board the suggestions of others. Lots of the people helping you are some of the most active and skilled members of the community.

My advice to you is to learn about database structures and restart with a more effective database. When I first learned Bubble a few months ago, I built the same app three times in total, each time learning from the mistakes of the first. Now I launched my apps https://myess.ai and https://powerflight.io after many hours of work. Spend the time learning and it’ll pay off.

I mean your right I think I need more time to learn , I appreciate you honest and your help , I’ll learn more :blush:

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