Feasibility Question - School Assessment system SaaS

I am looking for someone to confirm if this would be suitable to be built with Bubble.

I want to create an Assessment System that can be used by multiple Schools (1000+). Each School needs to only see their own students. Each School will have an average of 50 Teachers and 300 Students.

And the School Curriculum is standard, so every school will assess the students on the same statements. I.e. Can the student count to 100.

Again, each school will need to have different types of users with different access level: Head teacher, teacher, teaching assistant.

I am happy to pay for a few hours of consultancy to understand if this is possible.


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Hey :wave: @emeric

I don’t see any reason why this would be an issue. As long as you don’t expect to be on the personal plan or something. Make sure to plan on using a higher plan.

Also, make sure to optimize your database and workflows.

I have clients that have millions of workflows per month. I think they are on a professional or production plan.

Using things like set states and the right structure of your database are things to look out for, among other things. There are posts about optimization that you can check out.

Here is a good resource straight from Bubble: How To Scale Your No-Code App - Bubble Blog

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks for that. What I was thinking it might be difficult is to slice the data and only make it visible per school basis. So no 2 schools should see each other’s data.

Also, the idea of having multiple types of users for each school.

What do you think the level of effort would be to get an MVP for this?

It is possible. Implemented privacy rules will make sure that the schools will see only own data. An MVP would take about 100-150 hrs.

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It’s definitely possibly. That’s what is great about bubble. Having groups to only see their own data is exactly what Bubble is built for. Privacy rules are important. Setting up the database correctly is important as well.

It really depends on how much time you want to spend on it as well as on the level of detail you want for an MVP. Keep it to the bare minimum and you can get it done quickly. The more you add, the longer it will take.

Hope that helps. :blush:

Start working with sub apps on the professional plan as soon as you get in your first school, you will regret it if you don’t later on.

So what does that mean? It would create one app for each School?

So I’ve created a Data Model and because I have 3 Data Types that needs to be linked with every Student, (that would mean about 1100 * number of Students) I’ve created joining Data Types, linking the Student and the other Data Types.

I understand that is the best way to approach “mant-to-many” relationships.

I think I would have a maximum of around 500000 data rows per School. Does that call for using sub-apps?

I’m not sure. Maybe @nocodeventure would know, he might know something I don’t know about using sub apps. I haven’t needed to use them yet. :man_shrugging:t2:

It’s just easier for customization and reliability in speed, not each school is paying the same amount I guess.


I think the idea of sub-apps sound good. I’m just now knowledgeable enough to make a decision…

Thanks both for the help. As I go through this journey I will definitely have more questions.

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You can reach out to me or Jason when you need help on this. For now I recommend you to focus on getting the application built and signing up your first school.

Once you go Enterprise, schools will start asking you about the Data, most of them will not accept having their data on a shared environment with other schools, even though it’s seperated with privacy rules, you will most certainly need to start moving data to sub apps.

Sub apps are just apps attached to a main app, each change on the main app will reflect on the sub app. Each sub app has it’s own data, seperated from the main app and other sub apps. You pay a monthly fee for each sub app seperate from the professional license.


Interesting advice!

I have not worked with sub-apps yet.

Would the reason be to start with them once a first organization is in because of separation of content and the app’s performance? … This seems obvious. Is there any other reason you can share @nocodeventure ?

Well, it costs about $500 to get started with the professional plan. I don’t recommend jumping on it without having a customer paying for it.

Can anyone help me convert Canopy.school to a website like Outschool (Outschool: Take small-group classes, from anywhere.)? Our platform is an online classes Platform (one-on-one or group). I would like to know

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  2. if there is anyone who can build it or help me build it (I will learn it along the way). We can discuss the terms.

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