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Where do I set an input's "field to modify"?

Just reading the documentation here which says that all inputs have a “Field to modify”

However, when I open my text input, I can’t find “Field to Modify” anywhere…

Hi there, @brenton.strine… the field to modify is related to auto-binding. So, if you check the Enable auto-binding on parent element’s thing box, you should see the field to modify (although, you may have to do some more configuring before you see that field).


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Oh, nice thanks!

So with auto binding, when does the new item in the database get created? As soon as someone starts editing the form, or do I need to create a button which creates it and then it all gets saved from that session when it’s created?

Check out these great videos on auto-binding… they should answer all your questions.

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Thanks, I have been going through tutorial videos, I’ll definitely watch these too. I just paused them to try to get a little hands-on experience while doing this.

I appreciate you being so kind to a newbie, I know you must be sick of hearing questions like mine! Makes a big difference to have friendly answers like this! Super appreciated.

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Ok, I watched those tutorials (plus a few more) and I’ve spent some time in the app but I’m still not getting this.

How do I associate the form to the particular entry in the database? Say I want users to be able to sell art, and they’ve uploaded 10 pieces. How do I make the fields edit a particular piece of art? Not seeing that.

Because I literally know nothing about your app, it’s not possible to answer your question directly. In general, though, you are going to have to “tell” the form which thing the user is editing. For example, if you are displaying the 10 pieces of art in a repeating group, you might have an edit icon in the repeating group that enables the user to edit each piece. When the icon is clicked for a particular piece, you send that thing (i.e., the current cell’s art) to the form, and now the form knows which thing’s fields to modify when the values are changed.

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you send that thing (i.e., the current cell’s art) to the form,

Ah! I think I can figure that out. Thanks!

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