Where is starting value field in "do not skip empty groups"?


Where is the starting value field for “do not skip empty groups” when grouping data?

Doing a “search for” each series items value and not using the grouping option (to avoid data shifts in eg. line charts) increases load by 1x for each series item. And I have 10 series items!

This is quite severe for the app performance. Please add the field asap :slight_smile:

Tagging the Bubble CEO won’t get you anywhere but you can always specify the starting date with your initial search constraints (Do a search for X where reportingYear > your desired start date).

You will see a Starting value field if you select Bucket instead of Exact as the Type of grouping.

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Oh my god! Never went down that path.Thanks

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Nope, still leaves empty stating values, shifting data.

He did reply to a lot of others posts that way, but okay. Overkill on this one. However, its still missing from exact values.

Ah, so you want for example data to be shown for the past 5 years even if the user only has data for the past 3? Mike’s solution is right then :slight_smile:

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Much appreciated both!

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