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Where's the vid for learning to use styles on Bubble

I’m trying to design this app… it’s suppose to be a really simple app… having four buttons linking to four separate areas with info and more stuff for the app to do… but I can’t even seem to get the four buttons to look what I want them to look like… If this sounds crazy it’s cause I’m banging my head on the desk… I just can’t seem to get it…

What would you like the buttons to look like so we can make recommendations on best translating your vision. If you don’t have that visualized somewhere, something I use is Sketch to design out my work before I get into coding. Worst case, if it really can’t be implemented in Bubble, you can export a design and use that as an image.

Hey Scott thanks for asking… all I was trying to do was have a page with four large buttons… each with their own image or gif… the idea is to allow a person to click on a button corresponding with what they want to do… that would then take them to the corresponding page of that activity… and that’s a whole other issue… lol… is Bubble really suppose to be that simple to use??? cause I’m finding it’s not… I mean … maybe it’s my age, my not being a programmer or understanding programming and coding ( I do a little… but very little) … I mean is Bubble suppose to be for REAL developers???

We don’t have videos yet, but we have this (a bit short, but a start)

Thank you… I’m going to see if I can follow the directions and … well… lets… see… thanks

From a real developer’s perspective, no. Bubble is very accessible to those without programming experience and offers so much through a visual editor. I would like to point out though that understanding some computer science concepts will definitely help in terms of building a complex app.

I think the initial concern that you had dealt with UI design. Browse sites like and try to emulate some UI components you see there. Definitely play around with all the options in the editor to get a rough idea of what is attainable. As you are just starting off, it will take some trial and error to get the buttons to where you might be satisfied, but don’t be discouraged.

It sounds like you don’t really want buttons, but that you want four images that have links to other pages. Am I wrong?