Which audio recorder are you using on mobile

I am doing a quick poll… I want to have an audio recorder on my mobile app but apparently the free one by Bubble doesn’t work on chrome in ios… the only other option I see is zerocode one which will end up costing $14/month to be able to record and play… What is everyone else using?

Zerocode used RecordRTC library, and for now, the only for mobile working. It’s supposed to be 7$us per month. You can trial for free until your date of renewal.

It looks like you have to get the recorder and player separately at $7/month each…

I see. The player is good, if you really need it, or eventually, you can put time and effort to offer the same plugin to the community for free :wink: I know it’s kind of weird to paid 16$ for a big machine like Bubble and then 14$ for 2 small plugins… No choice for now! But that’s the price to pay having what we want now :slight_smile: And thanks to them.

i built my own using a JS library and then used the toolbox to get the audio etc into bubble. I needed a visualization of the audio being recorded and also needed to be able to get the length in seconds of the recorded audio. it works on desktop, android and ios… the only thing i’ve noticed is that with every update (recent ios) things break and its a constant process of tweaks to keep everything running.

I will love to try your JS library, with visualization and length. Available in plugin?

I’m using wavesurfer for the visualisation part . Plugin no… way beyond my capability.

@JohnMark ping me a PM if you like to give it a whirl in the app…


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