Which is the best video player (plugin) for casting?

Who knows a video player that:

  1. Supports both Airplay and Chromecast, and

  2. Casts looping videos seamlessly (i.e. the casting process doesn’t get interrupted when one video finishes and the next commences)?

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I’m curious about this as well. YouTube embed players are playing automatically low-res for us on our Bubble app.

Did you ever find a player that supports Cromecast funtionality?

This is my new favourite player: VideoJS Advanced + MUX (All Media) Plugin | Bubble

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But it doesn’t support Chromecast unfortunately :frowning:
Adding it into that plugin breaks a few things.

Although I’m pretty sure it’s possible to use the free videoJS plugin by “[email protected]” and add some JS on your page to enable the Chromecast functionality :slight_smile:

When I get some spare time, I’ll put together something and show how it’s done.

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This plugin has a feature to use airplay. It uses videojs plugin.

I think we can add the capacity to cast by chromcast soon.