Which performs better, multiple data types or more fields?


In my application I need to store some specific list of values for each client. The amount if items in the list varies by size of client. (Could be 5 or 500). I also need many different type of values and will need to to be able to grow.

I am thinking of creating separate data types for each list, rather than adding a field to the client itself. Hypothetically, if I had for example 100 lists to track, am I better off with 100 different data types vs 100 fields per client (especially if many of those may not even be in use and would result in empty fields).

I just wanted to ask and hope somebody can provide some input before I start to implement this.

Many thanks in advance!

According to @petter’s The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Performance, you’re better off creating different data types and creating relationships among them than adding more and more fields to a single datatype

Thank you @maheshkasindi. That’s what I was thinking too. Glad to get some confirmation.