Who here has built a successful business on Bubble?

Hey guys,

I’m genuinely curious as to who (on these forums) have built a profitable business using bubble.io?

If possible, could you provide an estimate of monthly revenue/ size of the business?

My own bubble social network attained 500 users pre-revenue, and then I had to focus on work leading to me closing down the project.

Can you please explain what 500 users per revenue means?

Have you checked the https://bubble.io/showcase page?

It shows quite a few businesses (with numbers) that have been built on Bubble.

There’s a lot more than these, naturally, but that’s a great start :sunglasses:

500 users pre-revenue, so 500 users but with 0 revenue haha

Oh, misread) If you have 500 hundred users that is using your app every day-week-month, well that’s a good start I think.

He means early-stage without revenue.