Would you build a Bubble App knowing it was going to have 10k users in the first month?

I am looking at developing(myself or an agency) an app that I know would have around 10k users in the first month and could be up to 100k users in the first three months. Is this something bubble can handle? Not all users would be using it at one time. I think total number of users at one time would be 5000. Am I crazy?

I know Bubble preaches scalability but I wanted to hear everyone else’s opinion on it! Tell me your success or fail stories!

Edited to add: Also on a scale of 1-10, how reliable is bubble? I have a really tight deadline so if I wanted to move forward it would have to be on Bubble. I want to make sure it can handle the long term use. I always see it being used as way to launch an MVP but not to use it long term.


Talk about rhetorical questions.


I believe the only answer to all your question is - your money - your orchestra.
As long as you can scale out (and invest more money in to Bubble plans) it will handle all your 5000 concurent users. The only advise that I can give - do not overplay with “singgle page application” concept.