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Who makes a living out of bubble

Cool app @BrianHenderson. I worked in the laundry industry for 8 years and know this must have taken some time. I’m curious if you could share how you did the grab and drag look. I can imagine its a few conditions of when hover and when pressed but and looked quickly to see if i could play a little but couldn’t get the mouse to even grab the group to make it look like it was dragging over.

@chris19 There is a draggable elements plugin that makes this effect a breeze.

The REAL trick was figuring out how to get the touchscreen Windows 10 computers we use for our POS systems to play nice with dragging things around in Google Chrome. Turns out if you add “ —touch-events” to the end of the file path for Chrome then the dragging effect while using a touchscreen suddenly behaves itself nicely.


Thanks, I’ll check this out.

I’m completely new. Where did you get the hardware and what resources did you use that were the most integral to your successful build? And can you give a few examples of things you wished you knew in the beginning of your build?

Hi @fargo. There are many 3rd party logistics companies through which you can buy hardware wholesale. If you’re reselling B2B hardware then I suggest you find some hardware that you like, contact the manufacturer to see what channels they’re distributed through, and go from there. Two reputable resources I’ve used in the past here in the United States are ScanSource and BlueStar, but there are many out there. They handle warehousing and shipping which is great!

Let’s see, what do I wish I knew in the beginning… :thinking:

Many manufacturers and 3rd party logistics companies can image the hard drive of your POS computers for you, some of them for free or nearly free (like $25/unit). If your solution requires additional software installed on your client’s computer or certain Windows and Chrome settings to be “just so” (like mine does) then it’s handy for getting new users up and running quickly. My target customers are slightly technophobic or at least slow adopters of technology who want an all-in-one system so I do everything I can to make my solution “plug and play”.

There’s a recent rapid incline in payment gateways and processors who offer very well-documented API connectivity. Embrace the API Connector plugin and don’t rely on just Stripe or PayPal like everyone else - there’s a lot of money to be made by not spending it on excessive processing fees! Plus, if you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner of a payment processor like we are, then you can help set up other businesses with their own merchant accounts and you get to set the rates and you get a cut of the fees as residual income. Plus, you’ll often get a “sweetheart” deal on your own company’s credit card processing rates. If you’re building a B2B SaaS app, then credit card processing residuals are potentially a whole other source of income for your company aside from your monthly subscriptions. The only time I’d give away the processing fees to Stripe or PayPal is if I thought I had far more to gain by subscription income with them than without them. Otherwise, don’t think you’re locked into only those choices for credit card processing through your app!

I only got into the whole credit card processing thing because customers kept asking us if we could be their “one stop shop” for everything related to POS systems for their store, including getting a merchant account. It makes sense why they’d ask for it, and it makes sense for us to offer it and profit from it because as their retail solutions provider then I would be answering all of their tech support questions regarding credit card processing anyway!

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Hi Brian, Can you share how you set up the receipt printer?

@adunniola There’s a lot of documentation on the Neodynamic website for their JSPrintManager software. It’s what I use to control the receipt printer. Use an HTML container on Bubble, and the Toolkit plugin so you can trigger javascript in workflows.

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Thanks so much. I had managed to set up printing to a thermal printer but the text formatting doesnt allow for spacing between fields in the multiline input.

I will install the toolbox plugin and try to see i can make it happen.

Thanks so much for your response