Why can't I find the Alerts feature?

I’m setting up a workflow to display an alert message once a user has updated their CC info.
When I click on ‘Elements Actions’ it does not offer ‘Alerts’ as an option.
What am I doing wrong?

Hello !

Dis you actually add an alert element on your page ?

Alert actions are available when an alert element is used on the page

I think so? I’m happy to share screenshots if it’s possible.

Hi there, @benjaminshark… you can upload screenshots in your posts, and that would probably be helpful here.

As Mickael mentioned, if you have added an alert element to a page, you should see a workflow action that enables you to show the alert. It seems like you already know where to find that action, but it’s under Element Actions >> Alert, and it’s called Show message.

Again, though, if you upload a screenshot or two, I’m sure we can figure out what’s going on.


Thanks Mike. For some reason the option is not showing up. Screenshots attached.
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 10.37.18 AM

On your settings page, have you actually added this element anywhere?

Nope. I’m unfamiliar with that feature. I just started playing around with it and it looks like you solved the problem Mike. Thanks so much for your support. I appreciate it.

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Also, you have this plugin named AirAlert that allows you to create alerts on the fly (which I prefer), without having to add the visual element on the page, and just setting the alert in the workflow.

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