Why can't I have SSL ? Professional (legacy)

Hi everyone,

I currently don’t have any options on my app to have SSL so that my website becomes https.

Anyone has ideas ? Thanks

That statement is correct its mandatory for ssl with cloudflare, you just can’t disable it anymore. It looks the same in my app, have you tried loading your page with https:// it should work.

Hi, so I had similar kind of message then 403 forbidden status, when I first upgraded to cloudflare. But then it connected fine after about 10mins, I am using Google domain not sure about ovh, hopefully Peter can help you out. Or check this post:

This server could not prove that it is **www.gratisland.fr** ; its security certificate is from **ssl967779.cloudflaressl.com** . This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.

Okay thank you.

I don’t understand when he mentions “Go back to Bubble. Delete, refresh, add” - add what ? But I will ask him.

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I think Charly is referring to deleting your domain from here:

@Taiheta Yes but what should I put instead ?

The same address presumably, to trigger cloudflare

@Taiheta Okay i’ll do that. Let you know. Thanks

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Hi @charlesloumeau it’s a known Bubble bug. Open a support ticket and one of the team will do it manually for you.

Okay thank you @dudders9

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