Cloudflare Error: Unable to establish an SSL connection to the origin server

Hi. My site is down. And the error is visible on the page.

Any suggestions on how to fix will be appreciated and might be useful other having Cloudflare issues.

Details :
Every time I signup to Cloudflare this happens in a few days and Cloudflare says its on host(bubble) side error. Last time I ended up deleting Cloudflare and bubble support doing somethings on their side , so I am unclear how it got resolved. This time I am hoping not to press all panic buttons but objectively understand the problem - with community help.

No deployments were made before the site went down. Seems random.

This is probably the solution.


I passed these instructions to someone managing my Cloudflare and this seem to bring the site up ASAP !

Thanks @sridharan.s !