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Why can't Maps be an Input? Or Behave like one?

Why can’t a “Map” be an input? Or at least behave like an input? My workflow is that I’m taking a photo, passing the result to an image. At the same time I’m getting the current location and displaying it on a map. I then have a “share” button which saves the photo and the GPS coordinate to the database. But since the map doesn’t behave like an input, I couldn’t use the marker location and store that value, so I had to store the current location to a hidden input at the same time, in order to be able to do what I wanted. It makes more sense to me if you could access the marker location’s value when you needed it. Is this something that can be done/updated? Thanks!

Maps can be an input if the type is “list” but not “single” because (I assume) you don’t need to know what the “current marker” is.

Can you not extract the lat/long from “Current Location” when you are saving the data. It will be the same.

You probably don’t need a hidden input, you can use a Custom State to store things.

One thing to bear in mind is that current location in these sort of situations, where you want an exact location not an address, can get moved to the nearest address. Which may not be what you want. Worth checking.

Hi @NigelG,

Thanks for the info. I’ll just use my workaround for the time being.

Is there a way to make it so that it just records the current lat/lon coordinates and it doesn’t move it to the nearest address? That could be an issue for me. I really just want the exact lat/lon coordinates, not the nearest address.

They made a change recently that may help, I think having an exact lat/long is essential.

Not had a change to have a play yet.

Let me know how you get along.

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