Google Map Marker Address Modification

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So I have been working on an app that invloves using Google Maps and I have a problem. So am gonna need your help guys. Am aloowing users to type an address when they submit a request and later on i use this address to place markers on the map. My problem is I would like to modify this address so that it’s not pointing on the exact point. I would like to add some distance before or after the exact point. I have scratched my head for the passed couple days to get this fixed but no hopes. My assumption is that when i take the address that the user types and convert it into Latitude & longtude cordinates, add some distance on these and then convert it back into an address & save it. But cant figure out how to do this. I appreciate any help offered. Have a good one!

Maybe you want to save their address as-is, but then also store the longitude and latitude? (number field for each) Then you can correct the longitude and latitude later on? Then have a yes/no field indicating if those were overridden.

Similar to Uber/DoorDash where they let you adjust the pin location of your house, while still keeping your address the same.

Then any maps you have will reference the long and lat fields instead.

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sure, Thanks @tylerboodman. I will try that out & see

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