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Saving current marker location - Sort of fixed

I am saving a map location (the current location) to a thing, which works well.

But I want to make this user driven. So I have an “Address” field, and a search. And this resets the marker on the Map. But I then can’t say “Set the Location things’s geographic address … to the address that the current marker is on.”.

I tried pulling out the address into a custom state of “address” on the map and saving that, but this doesn’t seem to work. The address is blank, and so is the lat/long.

I could probably save the lat/long myself on the thing in two numeric fields. But I then I don’t think I can put a marker on a map using this, as it needs address.

Any advice gratefully received :smile:

Ignore me. I was resetting the input fields too early :frowning:

Although it would be nice to be able to directly address the marker’s position, rather than having the save the address as a state ?

Yeah we only expose the marker data is it’s coming from the database, in which case there is an address. I’ll look at exposing the marker in single mode as well.

Great, thanks. Isn’t a big problem as can sort it with custom state. They are very useful things :smile: