Why has the width of my page content changed?


I recently faced an issue that has perplexed me a little. The page width of my content was fine and all aligned, until I pasted an element that stretched the whole body of my page. I removed the element and re-sized the page, but the content doesn’t stretch like it did before, except for one element.

Here’s the size it was previously (the only image I could find to show this was for an older project, ignore the fact that the content and theme is a bit different, this was the size of my page prior to pasting the large element on the page):

Here’s what the width looks like at the moment (note, it doesn’t stretch as wide):

And here’s the width of the Review box - which seems to be using the correct older (and larger) width, for some reason…

Nothing seems to stick out and I’ve played around with the settings (and ensured the the settings all match up to the review box too).

Any thoughts on this one guys?

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Hi there I think I just had the same exact issue!

I just posted about this moments ago: [Resolved] Groups not resizing according to screen width

Now I recall I also pasted an element that stretched the width of my page, which I later removed, but now none of the elements on my page - except for one of them (I think the first group I created on my page) - respond to screen size changes. I hadn’t thought of connecting that incident with this issue before.

@emmanuel any chance this is a bug that can be fixed, or there’re settings that we’ve missed out ourselves?

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Ahhh it’s so frustrating, I’ve spent a while trying to fix it and I think I’ve sort of diagnosed the issue. It seems that something on the page is messing the width up, so when I remove alerts + popups, the width works fine. Can’t seem to figure out which alert or popup it is though!

Edit: I resized alerts which seemed to fix most of the layout issues. In order to get the review section to match the width of the other content (which was too stretched), I grouped all the right-side content. Seems to have done the trick

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@pc001 thanks a lot for sharing your solution! :slightly_smiling_face: Just resolved the issue on my app as a result.

I also removed my groups one by one for diagnosis, and found that there was this one group that was set to fixed width, probably an unintended result of pasting that over-sized element into my page earlier. After un-checking that option for that one group, all my other groups went back to normal - scaling responsively with screen size.

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