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How does Bubble see itself fitting into web dev landscape?

I’m curious about this as there seems to be conflicting messaging there.

From one side, Bubble positions itself as a tool for non-technical founders to help them build their apps without code or without developers.

From another, this forum has a section dedicated to Bubble developers. Bubble’s main site has a section dedicated to agencies. Plus, there are also many other places where Bubble developers can find paid projects.

I felt there was a bit of a contraction there and wanted to know what people think/feel about this? Where does Bubble fit into the web development landscape? Is it a tool that you can just pick up and hiring freelancers or developers is not required or optional? Or do we look at it as a new programming language of sorts that’s better (faster & cheaper) than traditional code?

Everything I have learned about Bubble over the past few years tells me that they are focused on providing a tool for non-technical folks to build apps without needing to learn how to code or hire someone who does know how to code (in the traditional sense of the word, of course, because Bubble is also changing the definition in some ways of what it means to code).

In my opinion, that focus is definitely where the scale is for them (as proven by their ever-growing user base), and the other pieces of the puzzle (plugin/template builders, agencies, freelancers, educational services, etc.) are falling out of what they are creating because, well, the learning curve is steep (which is a bit of an understatement) and there is money to be made!

When I found Bubble back in 2018 and really started digging into it, I remember thinking, “Oh, man… if they get this right, they are going to be a billion dollar company for sure.” It was pretty much inevitable that all of the ancillary services would spin up around this new platform if the platform itself was worth anything, and, well, here we are with the platform being worth its weight in gold (in my opinion) and the ecosystem around it growing and thriving every day.

Anyway, just my two cents there… it would be cool to see what others think.

Interesting question. Bubble says it was founded to allow someone to build and launch an app without needing a CTO or technical help – and it’s delivered on that in my case. I haven’t had to resort to any code in my app and it operates within the 4 walls of Bubble (except for some plugins which handle API connections).

That said, it still takes a lot of work to get a decent app going – in addition to learning Bubble, you need to have some knowledge on database structures, visual design principles, UX/UI, online marketing and SEO, email services, etc. It’s not that difficult to learn all of this but it does take time. So there’s also a need for agencies who can do all this heavy lifting for people who want to outsource or accelerate the app build. (Also, for people who need capabilities or customizations beyond what Bubble currently offers, agencies can handle that).