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Why Is Bubble So Slow?

Is anyone else experiencing about 20-30 second load times?

Not right now but from time to time I do have issues with DB not updating, random errors, “saving…” that never stops etc. and etc… Have had to close the editor 2 times today.

I do think it has some to do with my computer. I find Chrome lagging a LOT when you don’t restart and empty cache. It all speeds up when I do that, with the occasional reboot.

I don’t know if bubble have had issues the last couple of weeks. It might very well be. I assume apps get more and more complex which puts pressure on both server and client.

EDIT: what a surprise status is not available. Interesting.


Yes, I was experiencing this about 30 minutes ago and was about to send something to support, but it seems to have improved. It looked like a JS script was taking ~17 seconds to load.

I’ve had these issues as well.

Try - and use it in Chrome, not Safari.

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I’ve experienced this too, most recently last week. This has been going on for a while, but it does seem like things have sped up over the last couple days.

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Between the slowness and the amount of times it drops the session and logs you out it’s gotten quite bad.

Strangely, I don’t get kick out after 24 hours, from one week now.

i do . even longer at times. the work should be mainframed closer to a bootstrap feel . faster render of pages

best browser to use is avast secure browser for this it kill all the google junk you dont want