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New Responsive Design - Editor Very Slow

Hi Bubblers! First time posting, long time reader. I have been using bubble for a year now and do love it. I have upgraded a few of my pages to the new responsive engine though and am noticing that the editor has significant delays of 2-3 seconds when clicking on elements in the past few days. I have switched back to another page to check and the editor is very fast. Is there possibly a bug needing to be reported or is there a known issue with the new responsive design. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

I often get a memory leak which crashes all the pages, before it crashes it slows down really slow for a couple of minutes.
Ussually happens 2-6 times a day

just don’t use safari, use chrome and everything is fine. reaload the page every 30 minutes to 1 hour

Safari actually works fine it’s edge with the issue, one of the other guys has a windows pc with chrome and that does it too.

It seems to be a memory usage issue… a cache that is not cleaned automatically…

My computer’s memory usually starts with 600 Mb consumption, and after a few hours working it dramatically increases, reaching > 2.400 Mb, and I’ve got to reset…

  1. Check memory usage, the problem seems to be with a cache that is not cleaned automatically; When/If “Runtime Broker”, it show us that there is an issue with memory consumption - time to reset;

  2. I’ll call support, since it is the first time i see this topic in Bubble’s Forum… I was wondering if it was a problem with my computer, or with Bubble itself… let’s check with them…


Thank you for the advice - I would be very keen to hear the outcome from Bubble, if there is a bigger issue. I have switched to Chrome and do notice a distinct difference in speed immediately. I have cleared the cache and history from Safari and it does make a difference, but it does look to e slower than Chrome.

Same issue here, but clearing cache usually only helps for the next 30min of editing, then it becomes really sluggish again. I’m running an M1 Macbook Pro on 100mbps internet, and I’ve tried with Opera, Chrome, and Firefox. Not much of a difference between browsers (Opera is slightly faster, and it’s my go-to browser, so I usually use that). It’s starting to get really bad, though, so that nearly every single action takes at least 3-5 seconds before the editor will respond (and sometimes much longer, like 12-15 seconds for every action).

All our pages are using the new responsive engine, as well.

Also have the same issue, I just switched over to the new responsive engine for a reusable element, editor is slow as shit, was never this bad before.