Calling a backend workflow


I am trying to call upon a backend workflow in my regular workflow when a user clicks a button, but not sure how to go about it…
I’ve tried to “trigger a custom event” but no option pops up in that dropdown.

basically I need the user to be able to trigger this API which is set up in the backend workflow, when they click a button in the regular workflow.

I orignally had it set up in the regular workflow, but I had to move it to backend workflow because I need to use a webhook to retrieve data from the API Call for the user which I see can only be done through backend workflow.

Any idea how to go about this?

Thank you.

Use schedule api workflow?

I have tried this brother, but I don’t see the backend workflow in this list.

None of the backend workflows i have set up pop up in this list:


All it says it edit backend workflows, doesnt list the workflows i have created

Can you screenshot your backend workflow?

Here it is:

I need image generation API call to get made when button click happens in the frontend workflow.

Then the image_generation API Call triggers a callback to the image_gathering API workflow. Then image_gathering gets the data from that (which includes the list of the images) and these images should then be sent back to frontend workflow.

This is the sequence I am trying to do it in.