Why is Sort inconsistent?

I have two lists (repeating groups) side by side with the same contents but they are not sorting in the same way. Is this a bug or is there a different approach I should use for selecting and sorting?

The purpose of these side-by-side lists is to identify failed links in either direction of the one-to-many relationship.

As you can see, the problem is that names with quotation marks are sorted in the second list as though the quotes are not there. The list contents are effectively identical but the sort sequence makes that difficult to see.

The first list is constructed from a field in a Project that is of type Action.

The second list is the result of a search of Actions where Project (a field of type Project) is the same as the Project used for the first list.

To my eye, the sort is the same. Is there a reason Bubble is sorting the lists differently?

I suggest you to remove the sort in the search action and add :sorted by… like you have in other group.
I agree that it’S a strange behavior but the sort function may not be the same in Search that the :sorted one (like filtering doesn’t work the same way too. When you filter in the search, this will return only filtered item. While :filtered will return all the list and apply filter after (So you load more item). I guess it’s the same thing with sort. The search will sort it in the search call but the :sorted will sort if after the DB return data (not a DB call but a script call I guess).

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Your suggestion makes sense to me. I made the change but the sorted lists still do not have the same sequence.

This is weirder than I thought it might be.

I wonder if @neerja can take a look or if I need to file a bug report(?)


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