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Why is Stripe multiplying my fee by 100!?!?

I am having trouble with ONE thing right now – getting the “Fee” to display as a number or currency! Here are some shots of my workup – I really can’t figure out the error. I’ve tried two tests - and I’ve included the "evidence’ below.

Step 1: set up data type and fields.
I set up the data type as “posting”
I set up the data field as 'fee" – with the subtype Number
I set up the data field “Fees” – with the subtype Text

Step 2: set up Stripe Charge the User when a Post is Made
I set the fee to be “25”

Step 3: create the job posting
Test 1: set up the fields to take the Fee charged from Step1 “ie. the Stripe Charge” - which is “25”
Test 2: same as above, but using Fees which is a text field instead of number

Step 4: Set up a repeating group that will dynamically display posts information

Test1: Fee – which is number field

Test 2: Fees - which is text field

Step 5: Make the post and see what happens

WHHHHATTT IS GOING ON HERE!?!?! Why is it multiplying the 25 I entered by 100!?

I can’t understand why!

Please help!

Because if you read Stripe’s documentation it’ll tell you numbers are in cents.


Ok. So the solution is simple. $25 = 2500 cents, so I just add a formula into my dynamic display, then problem solved

Thanks @emmanuel !