Why is the Twitter API not returning a parameter?

I have my twitter API correctly setup (returns other values in other elements) but when I try to show a tweet’s image the “includes media” parameter is blank


When I run it in Postman (set up the same way) it works just fine

Here is the dynamic expression I have in the image element

In API connector it is successful?

Please check the expression by changing it or it is possible to change the expression this way -

Get Tweet -1’s Get Tweet’s includes first item:url or media:url

Yes, in API connector, it’s successful:

Can’t get this expression to return. If the parameter is returned blank when debugging, could the end expression be the cause?

So far the basic I understand is, you are getting the response with the result successfully. Bubble and Twitter is connected same as the Postman.

You are not being to able to use the response values in your editor. So please check the expression.

What are you actually getting in the API response, rather than entering the response manually?

I figured it out. Was missing filling out these parameters (expansions and media-fields) in the Workflow > Get API

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