Why is the whole workflow applied before it is started?


I’m not sure whether it’s a bug, but the behaviour is very strange…
I have two workflows that are triggered under certain conditions. If the number of interactions of a certain type is 0, then the first workflow is triggered, otherwise the second. The second workflow 1) applies a change to the found interaction, 2) creates a new thing of type ‘Conversation’, 3) shows a popup. Here we can see that the first workflow is not triggered (at least one interaction of the desired type was found) and that the app database doesn’t have any ‘Conversations’:

Then I just click “Run next” and right after that it looks like the second workflow has already been applied because the debugger doesn’t show any desired interactions (even though the workflow condition is green!) and a conversation has been created as you can see in the database:

Although the final state is correct, it’s not so in the intermediate steps. And I’m concerned that this can lead to further problems in the feature. So is there a bug or what?

Any help???

Hey @zininalexander30

Yeah, that is confusing sometimes for me too. Super frustrating when trying to fix an issue with the step-by-step tool. :sweat_smile:

I have noticed the debugger doesn’t work correctly on the front end ever since they changed to make the workflows run at the same time. Here is a post about how to make sure things go in the order that you want them to. If you are following these tips, then you should be fine. It should work consistently. Does that help?

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Can you share screenshots of the workflows and clarify what the workflow triggers are (distinct from their conditions)?

A screenshot would definitely help. One thing to check, are you checking that condition at the top workflow level or are you doing that in step one? Might need to do the condition at the top workflow. :blush:

Another time when a checkbox for “Run workflow sequentially” would be great. I’m a Bubble veteran and still run into stuff like this.

But hey, we got Bubble AI coming… Maybe it’ll be smart enough to do this for us… /s



Although at least there are workarounds (CEs) as opposed to some other issues, which have no solution yet…

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