Why is there no ":plus list"

This is pertaining to the set state of an element functionality.

I am using states to manage filters to a list. I can implement 0, 1, or multiple filters that are grouped together under a certain defined type in my database. Specifically, my app user can filter for specific types of dairy foods: cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. OR they can search for all dairy types which would include all of the aforementioned dairy foods. If I set an element to dairy, I want to add all filters under dairy food type (cheese, milk, yogurt). Currently I can only do a “:plus item”, so I can filter for just cheese, or just milk, etc. If I want to add all dairy types I have to to do a separate state element box (:plus item) for each dairy type. This is fine if there are only a few subtypes, but I have one (i.e. pantry), that has 20+ subtypes. It would be much easier to just do a :plus item of all subtypes under pantry food type.

So is there a “:plus list”? If so where is it. If there isn’t, is there a short workaround I can use?


BTW there’s a “:minus list” so it makes it confusing as to why there would be no “:plus list”

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:merge with is the “plus list” option.


Thank you!!!

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