Why is "user type email confirmed" not accessible?

Why is it that the option “user type email confirmed” is not accessible in workflows and database?

I’d like to use that for the “create account for someone else” functionality.

The flow should be:

  1. create account by admin
  2. send reset password to user
  3. add reset password by user
  4. change user status “email confirmed” to yes.

Off course I can create my own field “email confirmed” but that’s a bit weird don’t you think?Schermafbeelding 2020-06-28 om 18.58.25


We want to add the “create an account for another user” flow to the project. We use the built in “email confirmed” field to require a user confirm their email before using the app. However, all of a sudden, the workflows are not allowing access to the app until those whose accounts have been created via this workflow validate their email.

I’d understand why bubble would maybe want to disallow setting the email confirmation field explicitly, but it seems like it should at least be set automatically when a password reset link is clicked.

@eve @emmanuel based on the below, is this a bug?

I have created my own confirmation field. I’d like to show the admin of the application if invited users responded on their “reset password” email. “email confirmed” does not change after clicking on reset password in the email. So I left this value out of my workflows now.

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