Why isn't this filter working?

This is a weird one.

My site has multiple events and users can select ‘Going’ button if they want to attend the event. Once they click the ‘Going’ button they are added to the database - all works fine.

Similarly, they can click a ‘Maybe’ or a ‘Following’ button.

Within their dashboard, I display a list of events they are attending with a note to say if they are Going or Maybe (see below).

11 - maybe status

These text alerts work perfectly, you can see the conditionals below:

I now want to show a separate alert in the same RG which is slightly more complicated, basically it’s an alert to say that events you follow have relisted a new event. To show the correct events I need to add a series of conditions as below:

But, this wasn’t working, it just displays on all RG cells without filtering, so I simplified it to show one condition. I want to show a text message saying “You didn’t click Maybe”.

But, this doesn’t work, it displays the text on ALL events, regardless of if a user is Going or Maybe. Any ideas why?

Because you’re searching for all events that match your constraints, then setting a conditional that will apply when there are 1 or more such events in the database (i.e. you’re searching for all future events that the current user is attending but didn’t create).

The condition will be met (or not) regardless of what event the current cell contains - as you’re not doing anything to refer to the specific event of the current cell - so the conditional formatting will be applied to every cell if there are 1 or more events in the database that match your search constraints.

Instead of doing a search in your condition, you need to refer to the current cell’s event (or parent group’s event), in order to make the condition apply to each cell individually.

So your condition should be something like:

When parent group's Group's Following contains Current User AND parent group's Going doesn't contain Current User AND parent group's Maybe doesn't contain Current User AND parent group's date > current date/time AND parent group's Created by <> Current User

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Thank you for this insight and for the detailed solution, very much appreciated. This was driving me nuts!

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