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Why isn't this group hidden?

This should be so simple, I just want this group to be hidden and collapsed, but on preview it is hidden but not collapsed?

What I am trying to achieve

I have a multiline input inside the hidden group which I want to be revealed when a user click the chevron down arrow, I thought I could simply add a workflow to the chevron down arrow which Show’s the group, but it doesn’t work?

It’s probably something to do with the layout of elements…

I.e. if there are overlapping groups it probably won’t work - without seeing how your full layout is set up it’s hard to say, but that’s what I’d check first. (how are you creating the horizontal line above the group, for example?..)

Finally found the issue!

I copied the whole page to a dummy page and deleted all elements incrementally until I found the issue - a tiny group (used as a spacer) was underneath the main group I wanted to hide. Deleting that spacer solved the issue!

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