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Group Not Collapsing - Will Pay $30 for a quick fix

I have checked the collapse when hidden and unchecked the visible box.

My website is still showing a lengthy group that is hidden but still shows up empty with long box heights.

If anybody can lend their quick help, I will pay $30!

Let me know - my personal email is [email protected]


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Hey @dojin23 :wave:

That certainly can be tricky. :thinking:

Usually it is because there is another element that is overlapping that group. It could even be some random piece of text somewhere on the page where that group is. It’s hard to know unless we can take a look at the editor. If you want to share it ‘view only’ then we can take a look at it for you.

The only things that don’t matter if they overlap are Popups, floating groups, and group focus.


Drop in for a complimentary office hours and we’ll fix it for you. :slight_smile:

@dojin23 Glad we were able to fix that for you. It’s always those rogue or overlapping elements that get in the way! Glad it’s working! :raised_hands:


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If anybody needs help, He is the best!! @J805

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