WHY? I've changed nothing and now is displaying wrong

This happens form time to time, and it frustrates the crap out of me.
Elements suddenly move around the page out of order, and i’ve changed nothing to cause it. I’m flooded with support emails from clients, and am unable to figure out why it’s happening.

I’m not using the new responsive engine (it would take a complete redesign to do so…

What is your layout structure as for the 1st screenshot of Group Service Availability? That can be your root cause, try structuring it as a Column then reorganize the interior elements.

i am not using the new responsive engine

and now my signup popup will not show correctly either. this is ridiculous. Something (simple) that worked yesterday suddenly stops working today.

I have the same problem, yesterday it was working great and today is everything broke, all my text elements are not working for some reason, if you solved this problem please let me know

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