Why the element is not appearing as option in a condition

Why can’t I test both custom states of the element in the same condition?
I needed something like this:

x and (y_custom1 and y_custom2)

However, after I select the first custom state, when I look for the option to select the element again and choose the second custom state, I do not have this option.


Move out of the parenthesis by one level.

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Bro, it was one of those moments when bubble gave up thinking and just started acting mysteriously, I refreshed the pages and it came back. but thanks anyway!

This is an issue that occurs sometimes. Elements, usually plugins, not being able to load valid states if the state was created after the plugin. A refresh will fix it. I can’t reliably reproduce the issue so I haven’t filed any bug reports about it.

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Good to know, I appreciate the info

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