More than one custom state?

Still pretty new to Bubble. But, have been happy with the progress I’ve been making. However, a roadblock I’ve come up against is that I can only seem to create and use 1 custom state for a given item. (It’s a reusable header that is on every page) I can see and interact with the first custom state I set up. But, if I try to set up another one, it doesn’t show up in any part of bubble other than when looking specifically at the state settings for the header.

Is it only possible to have one custom state? Is there something I’m not thinking of?

Hi @avern87

Yes sure, this is possible, to have multiple states within an element, page or reusable element.

So what you’ll need to do is go to the element or in your case you mentioned its a reusable header, so for example head to the ‘header’:

Then its best to apply custom states in the root of an object e.g. the reusable element or on a page level. Otherwise I find if I set a custom state say on an icon or group, I usually forget about. Sometimes you’ll need to have a custom state on an element when using elements inside a repeating group, but I digress.

If you click on the page or reusable element, just outside to select the root, you can click the ‘info’ icon and then you can see any ‘states’ that have been set.

Simply click the ‘Add a new custom state’ to create a new one.

You can specify a type, either plain or as an actual data type (referring to the database type):

If you are working with a list of things, you can check the box.

You can keep adding to the custom states using the button:


And even set default values.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for the reply @luke2

That’s really helpful! But, I think I’m a step or two ahead of you. I’ve gone ahead and done that (visible in this first screenshot)

But, when I go to one of the pages where I am using that header element, I can see the settings custom state I set up, and can interact with them. But, I can’t see the schedule custom state. Also, if I try to set up a new custom state from THAT page, it lets me go through the process but then says there’s a missing element upon clicking save or create.

Here’s a screenshot showing how it displays the settings custom state but not the schedule one. Any thoughts? Weird right… Feels like a glitch. I’ve logged out and logged back in with no luch.

Right I follow, hmm very odd, could be a glitch with the custom state you’ve created.

Usually in cases like this I’d say try a refresh of editor holding shift or better yet ctrl + shift + r as a hard reload to clear cache as it sounds like a Editor issue.

I’ve done a quick check and multiple states are not an issue to detect and access. I also tried a state called ‘schedule’ and the same default to check if its not a reserved custom state internally for Bubble (some pages have this), but not the case.


Out of interest, try clicking the ‘Create a new custom state’ on the conditional, set a similar name and data type - does this get added?

Let me know the results. Happy to take a closer look at the Editor if you want.

Alternatively perhaps submit a bug to Bubble.

Thanks for the help @luke2 I tried that as well. Clicking Create a new custom state brings up the editor and seems to let me add it, but then turns my conditional statement red and says element not found. Or missing element. Something to that effect…

Any other ideas?

Your welcome, shame we cant get to the solution.

Its sounding more and more like a bug with your app unfortunately.

I suggest sending a bug report with the details:

I’m happy to take a look before you submit a bug report if you want to PM your app editor over.