Why this framework name is bubble

bubble awesome framework but why this name is bubble? anyone can explain? thx

cc: @emmanuel @josh

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That’s a question we get very often. It’s always hard to give an exact answer as choosing a name is not a very structured process, but Bubble was what we wanted in a few ways.

  1. We wanted a name that was playful and approachable and that didn’t take itself too seriously

  2. We didn’t want to be AppBuilder, etc as we see Bubble as a more generic concept. It’s about making technology accessible, and today it’s through building web apps visually, but who knows where it’ll go in the future.

  3. Being the tech Bubble was pretty awesome :slight_smile:

As we were establishing this list of requirements, we watched this video

and Josh and I were like: Why not Bubble?

And here we are…