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Bubble Forum - Mark comment that solves problem

It would be very useful for the person who started a thread on the forum, to be able to mark the comment (in that thread) which solved the problem they had.
You could have the comment background show up in light-green, so that users who went searching for the correct answer didn’t have to read every comment in order to find the solution.

With that being said - I really like the forum format that Bubble uses. It’s quite a pleasure to use.

Another Idea is to have a category in the forum for discussing things not related to Bubble. It would help strengthen the Bubble community focus.

Also @emmanuel, what is the meaning behind the name “Bubble”?

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We use for the forum, so i’m not sure we can enable people who started a thread to do this. But it is a very good idea, I’ll check it out. And you’re right, I’ll add a category ‘notbubble’ if people want to start chatting about other stuff (which would be great!).

Now regarding the Bubble name… To be honest we had a few beers when we discussed the name, but in a nutshell, we want a generic, accessible and playful name. We didn’t want to be ‘AppMaker’, or something like this, as we see Bubble eventually be much bigger than a app building tool. It’s more about empowerment, that knows happens through web apps, but we’ll see what it leads us to eventually (it’s just getting started). Here was our reasoning when we were looking for a name.

Then… we watched that video, which is awesome!! and we were like “why not Bubble?”. The following day, after the beers’ effect was over, we discussed again a few minutes, and sounded right. So we picked that. And for a tech company, being the Tech Bubble is quite fun!


It’s a cool name and sticks in your mind easily.

The video in that Youtube link - I cracked up at 1:27 where it goes:
“Blog at the cineplex, blog while you’re having sex”.

By the way - I’m ALL about freedom - so making programming available to non-coders is something that I’m very passionate about. Same with having music-learning available to all people - I want anyone to be able to learn music without having to pay years worth of expensive tutor fees. As a side-effect, we all get better music available to us.

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It would be cool to have a ‘reading list or knowledge base’ section maybe, to share news and practical guides on visual programming, UX, whatever, that the community would find useful in helping them build.

So there’s a recent piece in wired on AI and ‘the end of code’ : that I thought people may find interesting.

And I came across a random video of Steve Jobs talking about visual programming (starts at 40:50) so you can really see how far things have come from 97.


I’ve recently been coding a.i and it’s so much fun. That’s why I asked Emmanuel if they would implement a Finite State Machine (FSM) into bubble in the future.

Another angle that bubble could think about, is the subject of 3d prototype printing. What I mean is - making Bubble able to generate code for controlling a standalone circuit-board, which could be fit into a 3d-printed model (with bearings, rods etc), which can be used to control the model.
Arduino is currently the go-to for this.

I can see that in the future - people will make their own equipment from home, rather than buying one off the shelf. They might buy a design from a company, but make the product themselves, with whatever modifications they want to make to the original design.

that would be amazing! have been looking into ibm’s watson and would definitely like to make use of a.i in the future.

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