Width of borders and separatio cannot be in decimals like 0.5

This is very important for better UI/UX , in twitter the lines between tweets are like 0.3 i guess.
but in bubble we cannot have below 1 as far as i know

Someone please help if there is a way

You don’t need the separator for that…you would have no color value in the separator, and then have a group element inside the RG cell and put your border on the group element and make sure that its placement gives the correct type of margin between cells.

Thanks for the reply but as i mentioned it is the same issue with the border also, but you inspired me to put a group of width 1 over a group of width 1.5 masking it, creating an illusion of 0.5 line :sweat_smile:.

But all this seems like nonsense as bubble doesn’t have decimal setting for borders and separatio

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