Will Audit your Bubble App for Free (from our experienced agency)

tl;dr we’re offering 3 Bubble build audits for free from Revido as we’ve just launched Build Audit

Hey Bubblers!

I’m one of the co-founders of Revido, a Bubble agency that has continuously pushed the limits of what you can build and design in Bubble (e.g., Chrome extensions that can track LinkedIn activity, eCommerce platforms, etc.). As we’ve had a lot of clients come to us and ask for auditing/refactoring of their apps, we wanted to spin up such an offering in a productized service form – thus, we’ve just launched Build Audit.

We’re offering 3 audits for free in exchange for some feedback on the process and, hopefully, a good review if you’ll think we deserve it.

If you’d be interested, please message me here or (preferably) email me at rodrig@revido.co with the following info:

  • General info about your app (purpose, integrations, old/new engine, etc.)
  • What aspect(s) would you like audited (e.g., backend workflows, responsiveness, database setup, certain pages’ setup, etc.)
  • Should we send our NDA or sign your NDA first? Very happy to do so

That’s it! This would be super useful for us and I hope we can also provide value to you as well!