Will Bubble's data limits allow for a social media platform? Dedicated Server connection?(Please Read)

Creating a social media platform is something hard to make successful. But if users were to be able to upload clips, that are obviously maxed on file limit. At around 100mb per video, that’s 10 videos per GB meaning 100 videos on the personal plan. This is probably far fetched but is there a way complicated or easy, a way to use a private server so on my end so running out of file storage wouldn’t be a problem? I know this is a complicated question.

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Use a third-party service to host videos. They will save you a lot of time with transcoding, etc.

Yup. I’d suggest having your users either use youtube or vimeo. It’ll save you a ton of storage. Otherwise, I’d suggest using AWS to store your videos.


How would I go about doing something like that? I want it to give the user a clean experience so uploading to youtube them sharing the link isn’t an option I want to consider. But how would I upload the video to AWS or hosting service and pull it off of there to display it correctly?

API connector

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