Server capacity

Hi my name is Hiroaki who is co-funder of FITMORE that I have been building in Bubble.

My app will have a lot of videos posted by users.

Obviously, it would be differ depending on how many users I would have but I am estimating to have from 500~1500GB of videos for the first year.

My question is as follows:

・is it possible to host such a lot of server capacity in bubble or do I have to user another server cloud such as Google Cloud. For my understanding, anything user upload stores in AWS but not sure if I can host from 500~1500GB of data.

・If it is, how much should it cost? I need to estimate approximately costs.

Let me know what you think.

Hey @hiro35a,

I would suggest you contact Bubble, their support team, like @eve @jess are equipped to help you determine if what you are building is possbile.

You can reach out to them at Contact | Bubble or!


I’d use an outside server like aws or cloud and use an api to call the data in. It would be a lot more cost friendly.


Do you know how exactly I can integrate one of those in my app?

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